1. Thank you for telling Yar’s story. It gives pause to consider what home is, and how we extend it’s hospitality to others. As Christians, I think we are called to much more than tolerance and provision. We are called to show the love of Christ in all we do. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Author

      Alice, your comment has challenged me. Yes, you are right, it IS about showing the love of Christ to everyone we meet.

  2. I’m continuing to love the story of Yar unfold as well as your continued efforts on hers (& others) behalf. Thanks for sharing and your caring heart to inspire us all to action.

  3. Thank you for telling this story, Rachel. It strikes a chord in my heart today because God is really moving my heart for “Lost” girls of my country, many of them still in homes with parents who do not know how to truly care for them…But in the gospel, I can see God has hope and a new future for one that I’m befriending and seeking to care for as I can. Thanks for your words.

    1. Author

      Betsy, I love how God is moving you to care for a “lost” girl in your country. Exciting is the wrong word – beautiful is better. Praying for you, my friend.

  4. Oh my goodness this is quite the powerful series you have going! I’m fascinated by the Sudanese refugee stories. I hate what they went through and I wish it had been handled better properly in North America. Reminds me of that Reese Witherspoon movie that came out a few years ago… We just don’t know what they went through or how shocking it would of been to come here. Especially at Christmas! Yar and her brothers and sister from Sudan are SO strong! Coming to you from the purposeful faith link up today but also, just wanted to say hello 😀

    1. Author

      Hello Leah. Yes, Yar went through a similar experience to what you saw in the movie, The Good Lie. She is an amazingly strong person.

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