1. Oh Rachel, what a story – a true-life, lived out story. Yar’s words brought me to a screeching halt this morning. Suddenly a little inconvenience doesn’t compare. I’m going to journey over to read Yar’s complete story, bringing my children along as well. Thank you for sharing and opening eyes and hearts for the cause of Christ. Visiting via #raralinkup.

    1. Author

      Kristi, thank you so much for taking the time to read Yar’s story this morning, and for sharing with your children. We greatly appreciate it. Yar’s heart is for drawing our attention to the suffering of girls and woen who are going through similar struggles today, especially in South Sudan.

  2. Rachel- What a story to tug at my heart strings! I want to scoop her up and make it OK.
    I’m going to go back and read the rest! Thanks for sharing her story as I read it in my plush household this morning with air conditioning, plumbing and a gas stove:(
    Praying for Yar and all the other struggling children out there.
    Stopping by from #CoffeeforYourHeart

    1. Author

      Thank you, Julie, for reading and going back to read the rest. Please pray God will show Yar and I the next step and the actions we can take as I share Yar’s story.

  3. Stories like this make me want to curl up in a chair and drink hot choco.
    So worth sharing.

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