Traveling Life: He Will Take Me to Unknown Places

Sometimes when we travel, where God takes our heart is more significant than where He takes us physically.  Read on as Carmen Brown shares how God used a

Fear Fighting: Are you a People Pleaser?

I’m happy to welcome author Kelly Balarie to the blog.  Kelly is sharing an important lesson from her new book Fear Fighting: Awakening Courage to Overcome Your Fears.  Welcome,

Finding Reassurance from the Faith of Others

A mamma is allowed to be a little apprehensive leaving her child at college in a different country, isn’t she? That’s how I felt a week or so

A Pure Heart for Prayer

As a member of the women’s ministries prayer team at our church, I frequently pray for other women. Sometimes, we intercede for women I don’t know. My prayers

Finding a Firm Foundation for Your Feet

“I would be happy to follow my husband anywhere in the world,” she said from the other side of the room. I couldn’t believe I had heard her

Guarding our Hearts to Protect our Words

 I’m thankful to Kelly Basham for inviting me to share a devotion as part of her Petals of Wisdom – The Power of our Words series.   Above

The Power of Messy Prayer

Why did she have to be so mean? I had only phoned to show my concern and to see if I could help. Clearly I had said the

God Meets All Our Needs

I’m delighted to be sharing today with my friend Susan Mead at her blog.  I pray that this story will encourage you to trust God to meet all

A Bold Approach to Healthy Resolutions

Today I am pleased to be guest posting for my friends Christa at Do A New Thing as part of her New Year, New Thing series.  The series

Belief Makes Your Impossibles Possible

I’m so very blessed to be part of Stephanie Adams’ #RealHope blog series and Hope Is Holiday Devotional Study. No tour buses make it to Shiloh. It is not