Work hard in prayer then see the wonder of what God can do.

As a member of the women’s ministries prayer team at our church, I frequently pray for other women.

Sometimes, we intercede for women I don’t know. My prayers flow freely and easily for their needs. Others times we pray for friends and women I know well. Then I pray passionately for God to move powerfully.

Before you think this makes me holier than you, I want to be upfront with you.

In all these moments, I want my prayers to be effective.

Occasionally, this requires me to stop and take notice of the feelings I have for the person I know and for whom I am praying.

Pain over a past hurt, anger over a disagreement or unintended slight, envy over their qualities, which I wish I had may flit into my mind.

I try to dismiss these reactions in an effort to appear devout. Or I decide it is better to put them to one side and pretend I am saint like.

This week, I am sharing at Seeking God with Jaime Wiebel.  Visit me there to read the rest of this post.

  • I enjoyed your post and followed you to Jamie’s sight. Acknowledging our feelings brings them out in the open where God can begin to work. Blessings today!

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