God’s Love for His Children

God loves children and babies. The Almighty, Eternal God who, with his breath and words, created our intricate world and commands billions of galaxies, is goo-goo over babies

How to Pray for Adult Children

If you’re a parent with adult children, or even if you’re not, this article is for you. Read on to find your special mission to care for and

Prayer Triggers: Palm Trees

What thought comes to mind when you see a palm tree? When I lived in England, palm trees conjured up the hope of exotic locations and summer vacations.

Prayer Triggers: The Moon

The moon conjures up so many images: space travel, cheese, and, this week in particular, a solar eclipse. We experienced a near total eclipse in Colorado on Monday.

So Much Yet to Do (Lost Girls, Part 10)

The purpose of sharing Yar’s story as a Lost Girl of Sudan wasn’t to make a good read. I wanted to help raise awareness of the suffering in

Trust Me

Today, we welcome Susan Mead to the blog to share how she has learned to boldly trust God.  #BeBoldGirl Have you ever wanted something – really wanted –