1. Susan – this is wonderful! So hard sometimes to trust, especially with our children. I’ve heard that whisper, too, in some of my most challenging moments – and it’s so true. Praises that we have such a loving, faithful God who we can trust – and who is patient enough to keep reminding us to just trust Him.

  2. Beautiful Susan! I love the reminder that God will save our children! My blog this week is about letting go of our children (and the ache)..but how we need to trust in God that He has them covered in his grace and love!! Each stage of parenting we will have trials as you so illustrate..and each step God is with us..Emmanuel! And with our children! thanks for the encouragement as I struggle with my teen starting to drive now..always something!!!

    1. Kathy, yes, struggle with a teen driving – good word choices there, as its so true for so many of us! Isn’t it a wonderful confirmation when we see others writing on the same or similar topics? Love how God drops His guidance right when we need it. Susan

  3. Yup, this is definitely the tough challenge of the faith-walk because it feels so out of control. Thanks for laying it out in such plain talk for us today!

  4. My first reaction is not always to instantly trust and have peace. But, as I settle down and look to God, that peace that transcends all understand forms. It is a wonderful thing which frees us from the fears and anxieties of this world.

    Blessings, Joan

  5. I feel like you know what you’re talking about, Susan. You come from those places in life where we want to pull away from God instead of trust Him. If we haven’t walked through the valley of death and loss like you, our words might ring hollow or self-righteous. But yours? Pure encouragement and inspiration! Yes, I will trust Him more today than yesterday. Thank you for this post and thanks to Rachel for sharing and highlighting your words!

  6. “Sometimes it takes a moment or two to remember the details of my identity. You too?” Yep!

    So often it is a whisper though, and it’s hard to hear it with all the surrounding noise. But I think that as we learn to make that choice to trust God and listen for His voice it becomes easier to hear Him, and, ideally, follow Him.

    1. Author

      Great thoughts. We do need to recognize God often whispers and we have to listen for His voice.

  7. Your post reminded me of, ” He is our peace. ” Ephesians 2:14, We weren’t intended to always think the worst and we don’t have to if we hold onto Him.

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