1. Fabulous idea–I had never heard of the daytime moon as the children’s moon, but now I have a new prayer prompt, thanks to you!

    1. Author

      Sarah, I hadn’t heard that term for the moon either until I was doing some research for the post. I’m sitting here writing a reply to your comment and I looked out the window – and there is the moon. Just had to pause and pray for my three children.

  2. I love this, Rachel! Have you ever read the children’s book, “Guess How Much I Love YOU?” That’s what this reminded me! I’d never heard about the daytime moon being the children’s moon before, but now I will always use the moon as a prompt to pray for my boys! Blessings!

    1. Author

      I do know of the book “Guess How Much I Love You?” I’ll have to refresh my memory of it.

  3. Hi Rachel: I sing a song to my kiddos about the wee baby moon; my mom sang it to me when I was little. I have added my own touch to the song since then so I can sing about all the people who love my kids. They ask for this song most nights! When we see a moon in the morning, we laugh about how it hasn’t gone to bed yet. That is so neat to learn a daytime moon is referred to as the children’s moon…just another reminder that our children are gifts from God. Thank you Rachel.

    1. Author

      How beautiful, Heather, to sing a song to your children that you mom sang to you – and about the moon. I love it.

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