Being Brave In The Middle Of Infertility

A big welcome to Shannon Ketchum, this week’s #BeBoldGirl, as she shares her story about infertility and her support ministry for women who are struggling with shattered dreams

I Am the One

I’m happy to welcome my friend, author Alicia Terry to the #BeBoldGirl series today. Alicia shares how letting go of the fear of what others think allowed her

Finding Brave at the End of My Control

I’m happy to welcome my friend, author Carrye Burr to the #BeBoldGirl series today. Carrye shares how a diagnosis allowed her to surrender control and find bravery. Welcome,

Go First, Brave One

I am honored to welcome author Mary DeMuth to the #BeBoldGirl series. Not only is Mary a prolific storyteller, she is an enthusiastic supporter and encourager of other

When Bold Looks Like Brave

I’m welcoming Jessie Dupre to the #BeBoldGirl series.  Sometimes, Bold looks a lot like Brave.  Thank you, Jessie, for encouraging us with your story.  This past summer, while