1. So glad I read this post today! There’s an area where I think God’s calling me to go first but I’m not completely sure yet and still working it through, so this was really helpful. Thank you, Mary, for your willingness to go first in sharing your story. It’s definitely not an easy path but it’s amazing to think of the impact it can have in bringing freedom to others. And thank you, Rachel, for sharing this post.

    1. The best advice anyone can give is to listen to God’s prompting and then obey. He will give you the words and strength to share.

  2. Mary, I just listened to both your interview and the recorded talk you gave at (re)write and loved both of them. Thank you so much for sharing transparently about the writing process. Thank you for going first in these things and then turning around to share with those behind you.

  3. I love this idea of blazing a trail for others to follow, as long as it leads toward Jesus. There is so much uncharted territory out there, yet He rules it all. So encouraging. Thank you for your words! Blessings!

  4. It can seem so daunting, standing and looking into the great unknown. But He knows, and that is enough for me.

  5. I am just reading this, Rachel was my neighbor today over at a linkup and I was also touched by Yar’s story. Mary, I am always drawn in by your words because I too want to be an advocate for the hurting and broken, writing from my own experiences that is. I am glad you have gone first and plow through whether our world defines you “increasing” or not, because I believe God’s eyes see differently than the world’s! God bless, friend.

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