3 Steps to Being a Conqueror

In difficult situations we have to overcome fear. We must stop letting circumstances dictate how we react. We need to move forward with confidence instead of hesitating and holding back.Read More →

How to Be Strong When You Need It

When a crisis hits we want to be mentally and emotionally strong. I received an email from my friend giving details about her neighbor who had cancer. The cancer had been misdiagnosed and now nothing could be done — the weight loss, commode and hospital bed arriving at her home across the road — was not what I wanted to read. I had my own concerns to deal with as I was being called back for a follow-up mammogram. My friend was anxious for her neighbor, but I was tense too. I should know better. Faith in Jesus gives me a hope and a future,Read More →

When Change Seems Slow

Change calls for patience. New York City is covered in scaffolding. Twenty five miles to be exact. It’s useless information for the average person, although it gives an idea of the amount of transformation going on in the city. The ugly metal poles and wooden planks stay in place a long time. The area surrounding the building site becomes muddy and mucky. Large puddles form when it rains. Boards make sidewalks uneven. It’s worth crossing the street to avoid ruining a nice pair of shoes. The only useful thing about scaffolding, to me as a passer-by, is it provides shelter and brief respite on aRead More →