Join us for our new spring series!

You will:

  • Find a lasting way to take care of yourself through the ups and downs of life.
  • Realize prayer is the lifeline to your wellbeing and those around you.
  • Learn how to practice prayer as a healthy habit.

In this series, you are not just going to read about prayer. I want you to be able to practice prayer. I honestly believe the best way to master prayer is to just do it.

Each blog post will include prayer guidance and a prayer for you to use.

I also want us to pray together. Jesus said, “where one or two are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst.” We might not be able to come together in person, but let’s not limit God to a physical location. We can meet together online and pray for each other. So, share your prayer requests in the comments of each post, and write out a prayer for a person who needs it.

We will also be using prayer exercises from the Prayer Zone Workout app and book.  Download the FREE Prayer Zone Workout app for iPhone or Android. The Prayer Zone Workout book is available on Amazon.

Let’s become a band of Bold Women who Pray Boldly for our Wellbeing.

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As a special BONUS, I am also including 10 #BeBoldGirl Prayers.


In the middle of the night, I couldn’t sleep. My mind kept me awake as I ran over one problem after another. Eventually, I decided to pray. If I turned my despair into prayer, sleep would be sure to come.

However, an hour later I was still awake and still restless.

Prayer should be the solution. If we talk to God about what’s making us anxious, the Bible says we will feel at peace, … (Read More…)

I rarely wake up, leap out of bed, throw back the shades with a “yay, morning.” Instead, I usually turn over, stretch out my hand and feel for a mug of tea, which I hope my husband has made for me. The caffeine gives me the kick I need to get out of my cocoon. Some mornings, I must admit, I do grumble — I’m not a morning person — yet there is one activity that changes my attitude and … (Read More…)

How to Be Strong When You Need It

When a crisis hits we want to be mentally and emotionally strong.

I received an email from my friend giving details about her neighbor who had cancer. The cancer had been misdiagnosed and now nothing could be done — the weight loss, commode and hospital bed arriving at her home across the road — was not … (Read More…)

And the Lord released Job from captivity when he prayed for his friends. Also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before. Job 42:10 KJ21

Whenever we’re going through a hard time, we look to friends for comfort and support, don’t we?

The … (Read More…)

The Today show in the USA reported, a few days ago, we should be thankful; gratitude is good for our physical health.

Recent studies show a long list of benefits: lower blood pressure, stronger immune system, better sleep, improved heart health and … (Read More…)

Anxiety can cause light-headedness, nausea, an upset stomach, and a need to pee—again.

I’m sure like me, you’ve experienced those symptoms as you’ve sat in the doctor’s office waiting for results, gone for an interview for a new job, or heard a loved one is seriously ill.

(Read More…)

It’s the end of a long day. I struggle to take off my shoes. My shoulders sag. I want to forget about everything. The temptation is to find a movie, grab some chocolates, and crash in front of the television.

However, the American Institute on Stress says this type of activity does not help.

Instead, they recommend to effectively combat stress and improve overall wellness, we need to … (Read More…)

Stress. It’s a part of everyday life, isn’t it? We can’t seem to escape it.

As I began to write about overcoming anxiety, I laid awake, for what seemed like hours, in the night worrying.

In the darkness I agonized over a hard conversation I needed to have with someone close to me. I worried how they’re might react. Would they get angry with me? Although if they did, it would really … (Read More…)

How to Overcome Negative Thinking and Think Clearly

Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have scrutinized the brains of my three children. My daughter spent two hours in an fMRI machine while they watched how her brain reacted when reading and doing puzzles. We have the images on CD which one day, my husband says, we must get printed, framed and hung on the wall.

The purpose of the study was to learn how the brains of children with … (Read More…)


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