1. Thanks Rachel. Great post on such a real problem for many of us.

    1. Author

      Thanks Jane. Trying to Follow God’s lead on this and be obedient to his calling of getting us to come to him in prayer for everything.

  2. Rachel, this is so good! It’s true that when we pray, we receive God’s peace as a gift. If we choose to receive it, that is! I worry about the well-being of my kids perhaps. Or about the small earthquake tremor that just rocked our 9 floor apartment building. 🙂 Giving it to God now!

    1. Author

      When what we think is solid ends up shaking, like the ground on which we stand, it can be disturbing. Hoping giving it to God helped you feel at peace, Betsy.

  3. Glad to connect with you via the Dance with Jesus Linkup. Anxiety dogs our steps daily. There are so many things that want us to worry about them. A friend once joked that her mum was so used to worrying that if there was nothing to worry about, she would worry about that too. Haha! But that’s the state of mind many of us live with: not quite trusting that things can go well. How much better it would be if we handed our cares to God in prayer as you suggested! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Rachel-I love this: “When we come to God in prayer, we don’t depend upon ourselves; we become dependent on Him.” The peace that surpasses all understanding is the best feeling EVER! Great series-will be following along!

  5. I just read this post. And it has been a blessing. I have generalized anxiety disorder, it has been almost 5 years now since I realized I had a problemas. But now I am anxious all day and dont even now why sometimes! It is hard living this way. I cant believe I madre it to another day, bit Im thankful to be alive for my kids and husband. God is good even when I dont deserve it

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