Why you should pray when you’re anxious

Stress. It’s a part of everyday life, isn’t it? We can’t seem to escape it.

As I began to write about overcoming anxiety, I laid awake, for what seemed like hours, in the night worrying.

In the darkness I agonized over a hard conversation I needed to have with someone close to me. I worried how they’re might react. Would they get angry with me? Although if they did, it would really be with themselves.

I fretted they would not take my advice. So, to be sensitive to the situation, I ran over and over in my mind how best to approach the subject with them.

I’m sure you’ve done the same in the small hours of the morning when you’ve been distressed.

Perhaps you or a loved one has been diagnosed with an illness. You’re fearful of the outcome. Then unease is a constant companion. I’ve had that feeling in the pit of my stomach throughout the day and night.

Perhaps financial worries keep you awake at night. I’ve been there.

Maybe you are concerned what people think of you. Those thoughts have plagued my mind, too.

Not always but in some cases, if left unchecked, anxiety causes all sorts of social and physical health issues. Then, we often need medical help.

You will find abundant advice on how to cope and tips on how to manage your stress,

So, why should we turn to prayer to deal with anxiety, whether it’s threatening our wellbeing or giving us bags under the eyes the next morning?

The Bible teaches on anxiety, and it gives us more than techniques to control our anxiety, it offers a lasting solution.

God promises us a way out of being stressed. God doesn’t accept coping with anxiety as acceptable, and nor should we. God assures us, with him, we can overcome.

We need to take God at his word. It might take some work on our part, because worrying can become a bad habit we have to break.

So, over the next few weeks, we’ll be putting into practice what God commands. And, I’ll be right there with you, so I can sleep soundly at night, too.

The Bible says: Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Emphasis mine.)

If we pray, God enters right into our worrisome situations.

When we come to God in prayer, we don’t depend upon ourselves; we become dependent on Him.

When we pray, we receive peace of mind and heart as a gift from God.

That’s enough to get me excited about prayer. I hope you do, too.

We’re going to learn five ways to pray when anxious so, even though our situations may not change, the peace of God enters our minds and hearts.

Over the next few weeks you will practice:

  • Releasing your worries so you can receive God’s peace
  • Using your breath in prayer so you are filled with the breath of God.
  • Asking earnestly and humbly so you experience God’s mercy and grace..
  • Using your body in prayer to see the benefits of physical exercise and prayer together.
  • Thanking God for his goodness even through you can’t see through the hard stuff.

Are you ready to pray boldly and strongly in your worrisome situations?

Where do you need peace in your life? What anxieties do you have? Share the anxiety you want to overcome in the comments below.

Let’s start appealing to God on behalf of each other to experience peace in our situations.

Five ways to pray when anxious so, even though our situations may not change, the peace of God enters our minds and hearts.

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