1. Rachel, Thank you for sharing. Yes, along with you I often fall into negative thinking but God has been teaching me the past couple of years to combat this harmful habit by talking to myself rather than continuing to listen. And I do not think the two of us are alone!! I have shared your post on my social media sites. Praying more and more women become aware and learn to stop the cycle. Visiting from #HeartEncouragementThursday.

  2. Isn’t it a shame when we as believers rely on doctors to tell us what God has been saying all along? He gives us free will and we have to want to change, but He can change hearts and minds and renew them. Jesus opened minds to understand Scripture, it says that. Whether people are charismatics or not, it ties with what we say. Eventually, we say we can’t or don’t…I tried positive thinking. I was positive it didn’t work, but whne I started saying the Lord is helping me, along side it. It did, but it also draws the enemy, those tormenting little digs get stronger, ” You’ll never get well. Nobody loves you.” You know the ones.

    1. Author

      Yes, I do know those thoughts, Rebecca and they keep coming. We have a God and Savior, and the Holy Spirit within us who is far stronger than the enemy.

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