1. I also find that saying scripture when I can’t sleep helps me recognize that God is sovereign and in control – not me lol

    1. Author

      That’s a great way to pray in the middle of the night, Debbie. Repeating God’s Word – and His promises – is so powerful.

  2. Hey Rachel, I haven’t been over here in a while. I’m visiting from Crystal Storm’s linkup today. Great post. I always pray “God you know what wakes us up at 2 a.m.”… I’m with you, sis’….our problems are HIS to solve. Let’s cast them!

  3. So what happens when you find that at a certain time every night for weeks on end that you just can’t sleep…even on nights that you are not anxious and worried. But after that specific time frame passes if I don’t allow myself to get too frustrated, then sleep comes. Even when you know this is a time to pray but your flesh gets super frustrated because all it wants is sleep. Love to hear your thoughts.

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      It’s so frustrating when our bodies get into a rhythm and habit of waking at a particular time in the night. Although, we can use it at as a time to pray I do believe God wants us to have a good night’s sleep. That’s how he’s designed us – to sleep well so we wake refreshed the next day. My family and I often have discussions about sleep patterns (because we travel a lot over multiple time zones) and how to get back to a healthy night’s sleep. To break a bad habit, we often try to identify and change what’s causing us to wake by eg going to bed later or making the room cooler. If it is a big problem, you might want to talk to your doctor.

  4. I recently read (somewhere) that the imagination is a good parallel to the biblical anatomical word “heart.” I’m there so often — letting that imagination go in the wrong direction, when it’s so much more faith-filled to imagine a scene filled to the brim with the power of God!

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      That’s an interesting parallel, Michele, I have not heard that before. Yes, we so often let our imaginations and our hearts run in the wrong direction instead of running straight to the security of God.

  5. Prayer is the only thing that will bring me peace amid other chaos. It is as simple as thanking Him, loving Him and remember Zepheniah 3:17, He will quiet you will His love. I know, I laid awake with my heart pounding and mind racing too many times. Ephesians 2:18, He is our peace.

  6. Prayer offers us the peace that only Jesus can provide. Like you said Rachel, prayer should be the solution. May we make it a priority of acknowledging God first in every situation. I always enjoy reading your insightful thoughts on prayer. It is a subject that is near to my heart. Have a fantastic weekend and may God continue to bless you and yours.

    1. Author

      You make an important point, Horace, to acknowledge God first in every situation. When we begin our prayer by acknowledging his strength and power, then we can be even more confident in releasing our problems to him.

  7. Yes! I wish I’d have read this around Christmas. A month of little sleep because anxiety was having a field day on me.
    Great and helpful tips! I love your visualization of loading up the sack with our problems and laying them before God. Brillant!
    I shared on Facebook:)

    1. Author

      Thanks Julie. Better late than never, eh? Hopefully it’s advice you can use next time you lack sleep. Thanks for sharing.

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