1. Yes, I’m learning this.
    For years, the church de-emphasized the body in its teaching, but God “made our frame and remembers that we are dust.” The way we use our bodies can enhance our prayer life and our communion with God. Thanks, Rachel, for this truth today.

  2. Great tips here Rachel-I do a similar practice with prayer and breathing. It calms my fears and worries as I give them to God. Love this series!

  3. Rachel, this is fabulous. So many people worry about new age and yoga and that’s not it at all. I like the idea of a breath prayer, I had never heard that before. But isn’t pneuma, breath and spirit anyway. Why wouldn’t you want to breath the Holy Spirit, the breeze from heaven. I was doing a challenge with Bonnie Gray, her first word, breathe. I recently realized that at times in my life I had been so tire and stresses of had so much back pain that I wasn’t breathing, I would have to think to, like I was holding my breath at night. I’m 55, but this was in my 30’s. I so thank God not to be carrying around oxygen or something or wearing a c pap mask. I would recommend anyone but especially believers to try this. It is a great exercise for singers and praisers too. The number 37 came to mind as I was breathing one day, the significance, I wondered about. But thirty is usually associate with ministry, when Jesus started His and 7 is perfection. Thanks, always love to talk to you.

    1. Author

      So good that you have learned to breathe to relieve your physical issues and to breathe in God’s Holy Spirit. Breathing helps us to focus on God too and then we can hear more from him. Isn’t that what we want – to hear from him and be filled with him? I know your answer is Yes. You are right, Rebecca. A lot of people worry too much.

  4. What a great new way for me to memorize scripture….by breathing it in and out. Can’t wait to start it!

  5. I love your comparisons between the physical and the spiritual. It truly is incredible how God made our bodies and how He ties things together in His Word so we can better understand. Blessings!

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