1. I always love your posts, Rachel! This was very timely for me as I’ve been putting off starting a daily exercise routine of running/walking outside. I love your tips here to add in prayer. Thank you so much for the encouragement!

  2. I loved this Rachel as I very often talk with God as I walk too. I love the connection of how He speaks to my spirit and I’m led to find the next path on the race He has for me. Always a pleasure to read your words-happy to share!

    1. Author

      Jill, I love how you connect walking with finding the next path God has for you – in the race, but we don’t have to worry about our speed. Thankfully! I am not a runner.

  3. I don’t like exercise but do like to pray. It’s a motivation for me to get out in nature with God’s energy and blessings and get moving. I have lost 10 pounds from praying, walking and meditation. I discovered that losing some weight was a side effect of doing all three of these activities. Your book is still an inspiration to me!

    1. Author

      Well done losing 10lbs, Debbie, but I like how you say it’s a side effect and recognizing the other three things are more important. Miss you, friend.

  4. This is so true for me! There is a night and day difference in my attitude between when I get my Bible/prayer time and (secondarily) a good workout – and when I DON’T! The long-term benefits are good, of course, but the immediate result is pretty great too!

    1. Author

      So good to read about your own experience, Ivy. A night and day difference. That’s encouragement to keep going.

  5. I used to exercise all the time back in the day, but I think just a walk and not even with weight loss in mind is much healthiier. I read a post on a lady’s blog who was worried about her stomach ( which was fine ) and ran like crazy, even though she was like 5’7, 130. It was all her misconeception, the way she perceived herself, as most of us do. And how about a suggestion of a secret place, I see it all the time in old movies. The roof?

  6. I can always tell when I’ve gone a day or two without my walk. That time alone (with the dog) is so energizing: no matter what the weather is like, the beauty of God’s creation is on display, and He is listening. So . . . I’m working on being a better listener during that time.

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