When You Need to Find a Turning Point

Are you at a turning point?

When we’re hit hard, it’s usual to question God with “Why me? Why are you allowing this to happen?”

We enter a spiritual darkness because it seems like God’s not there. He doesn’t appear to be listening. It’s like He’s turned His back. Or, maybe like me, you agonize over whether this is divine punishment.

Sometimes, I even feel guilty sharing my doubts with other people because I should have an unwavering faith in God. On one hand, they might look down on me for not being solid, and on the other hand, they might question why I bother turning to God at all.

What’s reassuring is that these raw feelings of disillusionment are perfectly normal.

One biblical writer portrays the same disappointments and resentments about God:

He took me by the hand and walked me into pitch-black darkness.

It is pretty obvious our writer is far from happy with how God is treating him.

He locked me up in deep darkness, like a corpse nailed inside a coffin.

God is to blame for his depths of agony. And then:

I gave up on life altogether. I’ve forgotten what the good life is like. I said to myself, “This is it. I’m finished. God is a lost cause.”

His faith and trust in God fails. For:

Even when I cry out and plead for help, He locks up my prayers and throws away the key.

Have you been there? Can you relate?

Then suddenly, our friend, the ancient writer, comes to a realization — a significant moment when things begin to change. Or as in physics the change in direction of the curve when it has reached the bottom, and starts to rise.

He comes to a turning point.

God’s loyal love couldn’t have run out, His merciful love couldn’t have dried up.

He takes a truth about God and holds onto it.  And decides,

I’m sticking with God (I say it over and over).

Lamentations 3 (MSG)

Not too long ago, I hit the bottom. While there I couldn’t speak to God. I, too, felt like giving up on Him and, for a few days, I did. But then I came to my turning point, and decided, even if it seemed like God had abandoned me, I would continue to believe He is a good God. I would still trust Him and have hope in Him.

Have you been traveling on a downward journey? Will you turn that corner and start to believe God’s goodness hasn’t run out and God’s love hasn’t dried up?

Here is a truth to hold onto:

God is good to those who hope in Him.

  • If God takes us through darkness, He is still there, it is just the flesh getting in the way. Emotions can just wreak havoc on us, I have had to learn to trust His ways are better than mine.

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