How to live confidently when you don’t fit in

Do you feel like you don’t fit in? To make matters worse, you did have a place you called home, but now you sense the hollow ache of being an outsider.

What Zone Do You Live In?

Are you in your comfort zone, performance zone or panic zone? Comfort zone Put your feet up. This is where you could drive to work with your eyes

Why Some Stress Is Good For You

Did you know stress helps you perform better? The anxiety you experience before taking an exam for example, none of us like the feeling, probably leads you to

3 incorrect assumptions about leaving your comfort zone

Get outside your comfort zone we are told, it’s good for you.  Outside your comfort zone is where you experience greater success and improved performance. Outside your comfort zone

Iron Sharpens Iron 2014 Northeast Women’s Conference

Join me for a seminar on Living With Confidence Outside Your Comfort Zone on October 11th, 2014 at Iron Sharpens Iron in Worcester, MA. The seminar is for

No one understands me.

A girlfriend back home posts a photo on Facebook of the girls’ night out. Normally, you would be linked arms and smiling along with them. Or, you get a