What zone do you live in?

Are you in your comfort zone, performance zone or panic zone?


Comfort zone

Put your feet up—this is where you could drive to work with your eyes closed. You know the route; you know the routine. But, if you were honest, you’d say you weren’t really making much effort and most likely you are achieving little. Life, perhaps, is even boring.

Performance zone

In this zone you experience new and different things. You take risks and feel challenged. You decide to attempt that black diamond run, and to your surprise you discover you’re a better skier than you thought. Your anxiety may be higher but you also experience success.

Based on the research of two psychologists, Yerkes and Dodson, who discovered a relationship between stress and performance, the performance zone is the hump on the Yerkes-Dodson diagram.

Panic zone

Here you are a long way from feeling comfortable and knowing what you’re doing. Now, you’re standing at the top of a double black diamond looking down. “How do I ski this?” you ask the person next to you. “Jump,” is his reply. You set off but notice the other guy has chickened out. Your knees turn to jelly, and suddenly you’re falling, skis flying above your head.

Decide which zone you’re currently in and then join me on a journey. I talk a lot about zones. I blog about Living in the Zone. Go to my About page to read more about what I mean. My book is about being in a Prayer Zone.

My aim is to move us from being in our comfort zones or panic zones to living in a performance zone.


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