I needed some guidance this week and I decided to seek the godly guidance of a friend and colleague. 

I apologized to her for offloading a lot of information. I was carrying a heavy burden. And after sharing the dilemma I faced, I asked “what would you do in the same situation?” It was probably not a very fair question and, laughing nervously, she told me honestly that she didn’t know. But, then she did the best thing ever. 

She prayed a heartfelt prayer asking God to give me strength, wisdom, courage, and boldness in all that I needed to do. And actually, she did give me great guidance. She said, “you can’t do anything until Monday so try to relax, get some sleep, and not worry.”

I’m writing this shortly after I spoke to her and I am feeling a deep sense of peace. 

Today, we look at the fifth way in which we can get guidance—from Saints. Saints is maybe an old-fashioned word but it begins with “S” and is the fifth “S” in our series on getting guidance. The other four are Scripture, Sense, Signs, and Spirit. Saints are other Christians. 

I’m not sure if my friend is reading this post. If she is I hope she knows she gave me great wisdom. If she’s not reading, then I will be telling her that her listening, her words, and her prayer meant a huge amount to me.

Sometimes we can be hesitant to seek guidance from other people. On one hand, they may not fully understand the issue we are facing. On the other hand, we may not like their advice. It is ours to weigh up and consider. 

But, like my friend who offered to pray for me, people who pray are then inviting the Holy Spirit and God’s guidance on our problems. Simply asking someone to pray for you is always a good thing. So…

Seek out a saint.

Seek out someone you trust to keep confidential what you are sharing with them. Seek out someone with godly wisdom and a prayerful attitude. 


Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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