Last week, we looked at how we can get guidance on life from God’s words in the Bible—Scripture. This week, we are looking at the second “S” and the way we get help with our decision-making: Sense

When we need guidance, we need to consider what makes sense. Sense, which we often refer to as common sense, is likened to understanding in the Bible. 

Proverbs 15:21 says:

Folly is a joy to him who lacks sense, but a man of understanding walks straight ahead. 

If we want life to run smoothly, we need to use good sense and sound judgment on practical matters. We need to be sensible, not foolish. 

However, there is one thing of which we should be aware. 

Our sense is particularly good and responsible when it is considered in light of what God says is good judgment.

Theologians call “sense” a basic understanding of the soul. It is more than our mental comprehension of facts. It has a spiritual element too, a wise perception of those facts as laid down by God.

When we want guidance and we look at the facts and what makes sense, we should do it with the wisdom and truth declared by God, which includes guidance from Scripture.

In other words, we do not rely only on our own sense. If we did, we know we could make sense of anything. We judge everything we do in light of what God says makes sense and this gives us better perception and sound judgment.

Like me, I’m sure you want to make good decisions.

Right now, I’m praying and thinking through a decision I have to make. Both choices are good, but I have to consider what makes the most sense. And, unfortunately, the choice that is sensible, is also the one that is hard to choose. It’s a choice where I have to say “no.” I can’t ignore what makes sense, but I do it prayerfully, asking God to give me his wisdom. That what makes sense to me, I hope he will show me is good judgment.

Perhaps you are struggling to make a decision. What makes sense? As you listen to your instincts, ask God to reveal his wisdom, too.

Let’s ask for God’s guidance in light of what makes sense to us.


Photo by Simon Wilkes on Unsplash

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