You Are Worth Much

What does it take to discover you are worth much to God?

For me, it took my lifestyle to be turned upside down and a relocation of 3,000 miles from the UK to the USA.

The blue line appeared instantly, leaving no room for doubt. “You’re having a baby,” I smiled to myself.

I quickly picked up the phone and dialed my husband’s number. “I’m pregnant.” I blurted out.

I stood in the bathroom of our recently purchased Edwardian home in south London. He sat in an office, somewhere in a town outside Boston, Massachusetts.

There was a pause on the other end of the phone. “Did he need time to process my news?” I wondered. The struggle had not been to get pregnant. The challenge had been determining when to take a break in my career to start a family…

I am honored to be guest blogging with my friend, Holly Barrett, for her Testimony Tuesday series.  Join us there to read how God changed my plans.

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