Then he prayed, “Lord, God of my master Abraham, make me successful today, and show kindness to my master Abraham. Genesis 24:12

Too old for another long journey, Abraham sent his servant to find a wife for his son from among his relatives back in Ur.

This was no ordinary servant, but the man in charge of Abraham’s household. We don’t know the manager’s name, but I will call him Agustin, which means “the exalted one.”

Most likely, Agustin worked for Abraham since he was a little boy. He watched and learned from his master.

Agustin remembered the first journey from Ur, when he helped pack up the belongings of Abram and Sarai as they set out for Harran.

At that time, Abram and Sarai lived side-by-side with neighbors who worshipped many different gods. Perhaps even Abram and Sarai worshipped the moon god, the lead deity in Ur. Maybe Agustin saw Abram pray and give sacrifices to this god associated with fertility, in his concern for Sarai’s barren body.

Then Agustin noticed his master have faith in a new God called El Elyon, the Most High God.

The Most High God spoke to Abraham and promised numerous blessings to Abraham and Sarah of land and…a child.

Abraham had not earned these blessings. Instead, El Elyon had freely chosen to shower Abraham with an undeserved gift.

And so the household was on the move again. Yet, Abraham never lived in the land God promised. He journeyed as a foreigner and stranger his whole live among the Canaanites, people who did not know the Lord God.

Neither did the promise of a child go smoothly. A son did not come along. Sarah suggested Abraham father an heir by her maid. This, however, brought turmoil to the household. Agustin, in charge of Hagar, had to dismiss the girl and her child. It was not a pleasant task.

But eventually, when it seems truly impossible, God’s promise of a child was fulfilled. Sarah, no longer fertile, gave birth to a baby boy. Agustin was so busy that day. What a celebration.

And now, Agustin was on his mission to find a wife for this precious son.

He prayed to Abraham’s God. Perhaps, Agustin had never before decided to follow the Most High God, to make his master’s God his own God.

Yet, he learned the Most High God is to be trusted and worshiped.

What can we learn from this story about our own journeys

Live side-by-side with our neighbors regardless of their beliefs.

Abraham lived his whole life among people who did not follow the Most High God. God desired Abraham to live this way.

You may live as a foreigner among people with different faiths than your own, or perhaps you see people settling into your neighborhood who have different belief systems than you do.

This is a good way to live. Recognize people need faith. Belief in something or someone is to be human. We are created to crave a spiritual connection.

Let others watch our physical and spiritual journeys.

Abraham’s servant lived with Abraham’s mistakes but also his faith.

Let people share in your journey like they live within your four walls. Let them see you are not perfect.

It’s not perfection that’s important; it’s being faithful.

It is when we live openly in our communities that our neighbors and co-workers have the opportunity to make a step of faith and put their trust in the Most High God, the Exalted One.


Genesis 21:1-6

Genesis 23:1-3

Genesis 24:1-27


How did Abraham show his belief in God’s promise to him?

The servant’s prayer for guidance was very specific.  Are you praying specifically for people to bring along on your journey?

What makes you uncomfortable about letting people share your life?


Who can you invite into your life, your home, and your circle of friends so they can watch you on your journey?

How would you be blessed to have them walking with you?

Like Abraham, Jesus lived where people of different faiths and cultures co-existed.

I reflected on how he handled that in this post:

3 Ways to Act and Not Over React

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  • Oh, Rachel how we all need to hear how it’s ok to be different and also live and be with those who are different. We so often want to be with those who are similar to us, but so often we can grow and bring others to Christ by being open with those different than us. Nicely done!

  • Agustin. I love it. We can easily forget that these were real people in the biblical stories. Thanks for drawing us in and turning our hearts toward Truth.

  • Rachel,
    Thank you for this reminder that much of our faith is “caught” vs. being “taught”. When we allow people to look on and to journey with us, they can’t help but see the foundation and source of our faith! When I am hesitant to share, I remind myself it’s about Him and not about me. Praying for you in your move…here is one of my favorite verses from Exodus that has sustained me as I’ve moved around the country:
    “See I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.” (Exodus 23:20)

    • Bev, I love the phrase you use – our faith is caught rather than taught. Keep using that one. And thank you for praying for us and giving me one of your favorite verses. It especially got my attention because I have been preparing my #BeBoldGirl post for Tuesday – the next chapter of Yar’s story – and I talk about guardian angels. Yet, I hadn’t applied it to myself. Isn’t it just like God to use to make sure I did? Your comment has brought light to my path. Thank you.

      • Thank you all so much for reading my story, heartfelt gratitude to Rachel. I am truly blessed with wonderful friends like Rachel. God bless you all.

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