1. Thank you for this reminder to pray for others. I’ve definitely coasted on the prayer of others multiple times in my life and need to be more intentional in returning the favor 🙂 #livefree

  2. With the arrival of my first grandchild, I was struck (I mean STRUCK) with the weight of that responsibility to be praying for my family — intentionally and with hands-off openness to the will of God. Thank you for your words of confirmation that give me resolve to keep up the fight in prayer.

    1. Author

      Phew, Michele, nothing like the wonder of birth (and sometimes, unfortunately, the finality of death) to make us become more intentional.

  3. I love this Rachel, praying for others is a common practice of mine, but it’s typically for those close to my heart or somehow alerted to me of a crisis. What a great practice to make a plan and then dutifully follow, just like your grandmother. I love a plan and will begin this one! Thanks as always for your wonderful tips!

  4. I have always prayed for people, sometimes, even forgetting my own hopes and dreams or the ones God had for me. I really had no idea the impact I was having, but spiritual attacks of the enemy makes you aware that prayer changes things and decimates him. I just remembered a lady who told me years ago that she could tell when I was praying for her. I have a friend who prays for me when I can’t sleep. And I love the story of your grandparents, it’s a beautiful memory to treasure.

  5. Love this post. I have benefited from the prayers of others. My husband and I are becoming more faithful in our prayer life. This week we are including the sanctity of life/our government in our prayers. The Colson Center has an app for 21 days of prayer for life: http://www.colsoncenter.org/21days

  6. This, a gentle reminder to take up the mantle of prayer, to lift up the generations that follow us.

    And yes, I do remember those English biscuits, Rachel. Fondly …

  7. This is a great reminder to not to forget our prayers thank you

  8. Rachel,

    This is such a necessary reminder to take everything repeatedly to our Heavenly Father, to push through in prayer and to press into grace and mercy. No matter what we are facing here, no matter what we are fearing in front of us…we have an advocate with the Father. We have a space to release our hearts and pick up His mercy. My sweet friend lost her mom this past October and that was one of her first confessions as we prayed together for her and her family, “Who will pray for me?”. We need each others prayers so much.
    Thank you for this offering of grace!

    1. Author

      I’m glad your friend has got you to pray for her and with her. What a beautiful gift to offer her, Dawn.

  9. Rachel,
    I started praying for the people whose blogs I read. I thought how powerful would it be if we all prayed for each other as we read each others blogs? How much more of an kingdom impact would take place? These are some of the things I’ve started praying over the bloggers and linkup leaders as I read:

    -Anointing for writing
    -Draw people to their site
    -Prepare the hearts of readers to receive what’s written
    -Protection of the technical issues on their site

    Praying for you today, and whenever I read your posts.
    Much love,
    ~Sherry Stahl

    1. Author

      I love that idea, Sherry, of praying for the blogs you read. Thank you for praying for me, too. We need our blogs to be an impact for God’s Kingdom here on earth and prayer helps to usher in the Kingdom.

  10. I’m in shirer’s armor of God study and it’s electrified my prayers of late – fighting in God’s armor for those I love. blessings on you and your writing, dear Rachel.

    1. Author

      Fighting in God’s armor for those you love in prayer sounds just the right thing to do. Keep have electrified prayers, Sue.

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