1. Wow! What an amazing post! It is something to really walk through the Bible in a way. And I get what you’re saying exactly about encouraging people. I usually read my blog post to my mother, and lots of times I just ask her things about my own life and say does that make sense? A lot of share the gift of words, public speaking may give pause but that’s where the Holy Spirit comes in, thankfully. ( I’m still trying to find my studies about Pompeii, I let you know. )

  2. I’ve stumbled over my words as I’ve shared my faith too, Rachel. But it’s amazing how God’s grace allows them to hear our hearts. Love your pictures and the history you share with them. : )

    1. Author

      A good thought to keep in mind when we don’t think our words are good enough – to speak your heart. Thanks, Crystal.

  3. How important it is to follow what God wants us to, even if it only reaches a few or one. I love your message of boldness here and completely feel the same way about what I do as well. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Often. I never think I’ve explained it well and always berate myself for words I should have said. But we just plant seeds, someone else will water the seed by adding their faith experience to the conversation, but God makes it grow. We do our part in being bold enough to share authentically from the heart.

  5. I love reading your reflections from your time in Athens! Do you know I just visited Tarsus last week? 🙂 And yes, let’s be bold. One way I find easy to engage people is to ask questions first, and then listen, and then ask if you can share something. There’s no cookie cutter method, though!

  6. Thank you for this reminder, Rachel. God prepares the hearts that need to hear His message, doesn’t He? It doesn’t matter if we blather our way through our story of redemption because He is the one who makes the hearer hear. Such a wonderful thought and it takes the pressure off of us. I think people just want us to be real anyway.
    Thanks for linking up with Grace and Truth. Always a pleasure to read your articles.

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