I’m happy to introduce you to my friend Kelly Basham as she shares her bold story of surrendering.  Thank you, Kelly, for sharing your heart. 

Sometimes the things God calls us to do don’t make sense to us at first.

Bible study is something I have been passionate about for a long time. It excites me! Naturally when I was asked to serve as the bible study coordinator for the women’s ministry at my church I jumped at the chance to serve on the team. I grew to love what I was doing. Being a part of something that encouraged women to seek God’s word brought me joy. I felt like I was making a difference.

During my second year of serving as the bible study coordinator, God began to whisper in my heart that it was time to step away. At first I didn’t want to believe God was asking me to move in a different direction. There was so much more I wanted to accomplish. I couldn’t understand why he wanted me to walk away from something that was helping women grow in their relationship with him. I desperately pretended I hadn’t heard him, I tried ignoring it.

Of course, none of that worked. God can be pretty persistent when he wants our attention. Have you ever noticed that whatever it is he wants you to do or learn mysteriously shows up everywhere?

Staying will only delay the inevitable.

For the next few months, I contemplated what God was asking of me. In my heart I wanted to come up with another solution, but deep down I knew I couldn’t stay where I was. As much as I wanted to stay where I was and save the world one Bible study at a time, it was time to move on. God had a plan and I needed to follow it. I was just too afraid to let go.

God was beckoning me to follow him, but the fear of the unknown had me pressing the panic button.

My head was filled with doubts and anxious thoughts….

I worried about what everyone would think. Would they understand? I wondered if God would ever bring another opportunity to serve him like this again. What if He didn’t? It didn’t seem like God was leading me to a new place to serve. Could I move on without knowing what was next?

God will steady our feet as we move towards our calling.

Psalm 121:3 says,

He will not let your foot slip– he who watches over you will not slumber.” (NIV)

Knowing God would be with me gave me the strength I needed to walk away from something I loved. I may not have known where I was going but I could trust God to get me there. As I surrendered to what God was asking me to do my worries and doubts began to fade away. And with my fears silenced, I took a step in a new direction.

God has been faithful! 

Since then, God has brought opportunities for me to serve him in ways I could have never imagined. A few months later I was given the chance to serve with a ministry that offers online Bible studies to women all over the world. If I had stayed where I was, I might not have been asked to be a part of something that encourages so many women to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

The first step is always the scariest.

Is God calling you to go in a new direction? Perhaps he’s asking you to start a ministry or take on a new job. Is he calling you to missions? Adoption? Maybe you’re like me, and God has asked you to step down from something you love doing. Wherever it is God is calling you to, you can trust Him to get you there.

Kelly Basham Head shot 2Meet Kelly Basham

Kelly is passionate about pointing others to the nourishing truth and wisdom found in God’s word. She hopes to encourage and inspire women to blossom as they study, meditate, and reflect on God’s word. Kelly lives in the Nashville, TN area with her husband Brandon, their two children, and a very quirky little dog named Velvet.
Connect with Kelly at Blossom In Faith to read more and to download her new Petals of Wisdom Coloring Journal.

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  • I understand that completely. I’m sure there’s things I definitely need to let go of and walk away. I love your phrase slivers of joy, I know how grasping for them can be. My blog post today is called Scatter Joy. I had been bogged down with prayer requests, not that I minded but some of these people were so ill. I was burdened with their pain and grief of the sisters asking prayer. The Holy Spirit moved yesterday with joy. I think that’s what we are all to do to scatter joy, because that’s what Jesus is. Thanks, Kelly.

    • You are welcome Rebecca. I love your idea to scatter joy. It’s a good mindset to have as we come along side others. Thanks for stopping by and reading the rest of my story.

  • Love and relate to this so much! I have recently been reflecting on the past 6 months of leading a LIFEgroup and the fact that it took me a full year to follow through on starting it. Now, it has been one of the biggest blessings.

  • Thank you for the reminder of a time in my life…because it wasn’t on my radar screen to recall it and meditate on it in the context of “now.”

  • I have been in these exact shoes. While I drug my feet a bit longer, not understanding why God would want me out of what seemed like my only ministry, He opened my eyes to something different He had planned for me. Beyond my knowledge and clearly beyond my own vision. So grateful for all His moves, big, small, hard and easy. He always goes before me. #lovingmyLord Thanks for sharing your heart #BeBoldGirl

  • I just made a similar step in my life. Away from something I loved and was good at towards something God was calling me to do. It hurt, it was scary, it was hard…but just like in your story, God has been faithful! Following Him is always worth the price we pay. Best of luck to you as you continue to search for God’s best in your life.

  • This is a beautiful example of the truth of the verse that says: Faithful is He who calls you – He also will do it! This is true of our salvation, and beyond that, into our vocation! I would never want to attempt ministry of any kind without his anointing and enablement!

  • Kelly- this was so good and encouraging. Sometimes we just don’t understand what God is doing but He is always so faithful! And you’re so right- the first step is always the scariest!! It’s nice to meet you Kelly, and Rachel- thanks for allowing her to guest post! Have a great day ladies!

  • That is bold! I’m so glad you listened and surrendered…and that the Lord’s plans for you are flourishing still! Thanks for the encouragement today Rachel and Kelly : )

  • Oh yes, that first step! Whew! But when we are taking the step with Him, we can’t go wrong. Thanks for a great reminder, Kelly, that sometimes we have to let go to receive something even bigger. Happy Tuesday!

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