1. I have a tough management/union change coming at work. The word fairness is being used for the reason it would be a good change. Then I found out there would be favoritism with one staff. It blew me away. My emotions and stress level have gone sky high. This is a great example to use for me to adjust with the changes and cry out to God for help. Love and prayers, Miriam

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      Praying for you my friend: Lord, you know what it’s like to receive unfair treatment. It hurts and it knocks us sideways. I ask you to replace the stress Miriam is experiencing with your peace. Help her to stand firm and strong and to stand up for what is right. Amen.

  2. We all tend to judge Peter, but we do the same thing every day as we deny Jesus in little ways. It truly takes the gift of self-control to fight this temptation. I am praying for more of this fruit in my life each day. Thanks Rachel!

  3. Preparation is something I think of after it’s too late! Thanks rachel for this excellent post. Praying I’m prepared to do and be all Christ asks of me❤️

  4. I can’t even imagine walking where Jesus walked. The emotions and pain, He suffered as a man,and the sheer power of the Son of God. And then God had to look away. That had to be nothing but terror for someone who knew no sin being made sin. He forgave Peter, but He did try to warn him.I am still trying to find his wife’s name, it is not in the Bible but I read it somewhere and that she was martyred before he was. We may experience being thrown t the lions in some spiritual ways, but thankfully it’s not a spectator sport. Have a blessed Holy week everyone.

  5. What an amazing experience that must be, to see where this happened. Thank you for sharing your pictures!

  6. I love this, Rachel. I love the photos you are sharing. How my heart longs to be in the place where my Savior once stood! Maybe…one day!

    Thanks for sharing on Grace and Truth. I’ll be sharing on social media.

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