1. As a mid twenty-something, this is so real for me and the majority of my friends right now. But you’re exactly right. God can be trusted because his desire is to give us a hope and a future — no matter what happens. Thanks for this beautiful reminder! #livefree

  2. My mother used to ask me what was wrong with me and I’d say I didn’t know. Well, I was miserable because I wasn’t following His lead, I thought I was, but His plans are better.

    1. Author

      He’s a gentle leader, though. Which is wonderful. The Good shepherd looking after his sheep when they stray. Thanks, Rebecca.

  3. Yes, it is ok to struggle, to invite God right into the midst of our wrestlings, to lean forward into the questions. Because we so adore the Holy One who holds all the answers in His hands …

    Thanks for these encouraging words, Rachel …

  4. I too had a situation where I prayed and God’s kept giving me the green light, yet I hesitated. I just love how God will work through our sins, hesitations, wondering to still lead us to His will. Thanks Rachel!

  5. This sort of thing happened to me recently. I was struggling with God’s will for a situation in my life. I explained it to my mentor and she gave me some harsh advice in love that was fairly soul crushing. Like go home and cry and pray for a couple of hours afterwards crushing. I knew what she had said was true. But the more I prayed the more peace I had about not necessarily following her advice. 2 days later, she sent me a note saying God was revealing to her that her initial advice might not have been appropriate for my situation… Great post! Blessings!

    1. Author

      Liz, sorry you had to go through that pain. But, how wonderful God confirmed to you and through the u-turn from your mentor what his will was for you. Hugs to you.

  6. Gonna chew on this for a bit: Perhaps, like me, you know God’s plan, yet you are grappling to stay in line with God’s desires.

    This is temptation, not sin.

  7. oh, I have had many times when God’s will was not my will…and it always worked out for the best when my will got in line with His!! Thanks for sharing on Grace and Truth.

  8. Boy, I needed this today! I have been blogging for 5 Years, justdotoday.org. And, still I struggle to write and remain in His will. “I” keep thinking – what I should do is just get a full time job. But, every time I entertain in earnest this scenario, He convicts me to stay close to Him. It would be so much easier if I knew where I was going with all this, what the end would look like and how it will all weave together. Thank you for the reminder that it is OK to struggle against God’s will.

    1. Author

      Sometimes I think the greatest battle is when we’re doing God’s will – because the enemy is trying to stop us from doing it. Keep staying close to God, Elizabeth. I pray that God will show you where you are going. I’ve read your story on your blog. You have amazing strength.

  9. I’m struggling right now beyond belief! Like you I desperately want to move back to England and have been praying for over a year. I feel in my soul that I am mean’t to go home, so it is very painful that it isn’t working out, i.e., relocation, job, money. To make matters worse I went home for a visit and I when I had leave I just felt stronger about moving back. I have now prayed the way you suggested. If it isn’t meant to be then I need this desire lifted because it is making me miserable.

    1. Author

      Laura, my heart goes out to you because I know how you feel and how difficult it is. But, I also know pouring out your pain to your heavenly Father is the best thing you can do. I used to find going home and then having to come back was really hard, too. I would come back and feel numb. It would get better, though, but I would expect to feel really miserable for about a week until I got back into the swing of things. My prayer is God will show you the wonderful plans he has for you. Hang in there, sweet friend.

  10. Thanks sister for that sharing. Though it’s some years back, it is still powerful in Jesus name.
    I am a pastor by calling and a senior secondary School teacher by profession. God called me into pastoral work when I was teaching. I did both at ago but with time, I lost peace in teaching and my desire was to concentrate on pastoral work. I resigned from the teaching job and went for pastoral work for two years. The situation was not easy financially . I had a family, school fees and the ministry needs. The situation got tough and I was forced back to teaching since last year July. Financially I got somehow relieved but as I write right now, my peace has again gone. My conviction is to do full time ministry. I am tied up. Pray with me as I pray for myself.

  11. I recently had a relationship that ended (he broke-up with me), tension had developed between us and in that moment I sort spiritual as well as psychological council in hopes of restoration. I prayed to God for His will to be done and He responded.

    The past month has been rather difficult accepting that it is truly over, especially when we were making plans for the future whilst we were together. It is only today after having seen my ex-boyfriend twice in the past week, that I realised that I had prayed for it, not for the breakup specifically but for God to reveal whether it is in His will for us to be together and build a future together. Whether He approved of the relationship and whether our union will bring Him glory in the future. It is clear now that, that is a definite NO!

    The day we parted ways, I immediately (without hesitation) surrendered to God’s will and committed myself to the process. I have to be honest it hasn’t been easy and I wanted to give in to my flesh and abandon all operations, but thank God for the Holy Spirit who guided, comforted and reassured me that ALL THING WILL WORKOUT, FOR MY GOOD (Romans 8.28), and that God is CREATING A NEW THING (Isaiah 43:18). MY LATTER DAYS WILL BE GREATER THAN MY FORMER DAYS (Haggai 2:9), the best is yet to come. I have fixed my eyes on what’s before me, I acknowledge that it is a process and that I should be patient with not only God but myself too. Reading your post has just been another confirmation for me that ALL that God does is in my best interest, and that should not only rejoice for His yes’ but His no’s too.

    Thank you for sharing…

    1. Author

      Bolpelo, thank you for sharing your story. I’m so sorry to read about the pain of the last month. Break ups are not easy, especially when it happens to us. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will continue to comfort and reassure you as you seek to do God’s will. You faith is strong and you are like a firmly planted tree. When the storm passes you will still be standing and then you will flourish.

  12. I am at odds with God and his will for me. I thought he spoke to me in 2003 to become a teacher which I did. After that I got married and had my daughter. Then in 2009 my husband was fired and in 2010 I had to give up my job to move with my husband and daughter to another state. I taught for one year in a rough middle school before moving again for my husband to another state. I’ve been struggling to find a full time teaching job for 5 years. I think God wants me to be a stay at home so support my husband and let him work his way up the food chain while I raise our daughter. But I don’t want that I want my teaching life back. And all I can get is a substitute teacher position. I want purpose, to have my own classroom. This has made me soooo depressed to the point I don’t know know what to do.

    1. Author

      Oh Lokey, I felt so sad reading your comment. I know what it is like to give up your career. I did that when we moved to the states with my husband’s job. It was a very hard transition. First, it is important to seek help when you are depressed. Seeing a therapist helped me learn that it was understandable to feel unhappy because of the changes that I had been through with moving, having a baby, leaving my job. It helped me move forward. As for God, I believe he has great things in store for you and he has made many promises to you – like to give you a hope and a future. I know he will give you unexpected blessings. I pray for you – asking God to show you purpose during this time. Hugs.

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