1. It is so draining and difficult when God says no to something we hold so close. Clearly His plan involves your staying Rachel and I pray you see small glimpses of His purpose for you each day! Your willingness to share with others may be part of that purpose-keep following Him and sharing!

    1. Author

      Oh yes, I’m glad he does want me to stay because I have some amazing and wonderful friends in New England who mean the world to me and who I want to stay connected to, and God has opened up some wonderful ministry opportunities for me so I can share with others. You’re right, Jill, even in the “no” I am seeing his purposes.

  2. It’s so tough when God’s plan is different from ours and the answer is no to something we want so much. Even knowing his plan is for good it’s hard to accept when we can’t understand why. Praying that you know peace as you hand this over to him.

  3. Rachel, We are so often like small children aren’t we? We want what we want when we want! I so see myself in your writing today. Thank you for sharing your struggle. It resonates within my soul. Cindy

  4. “Then, I’ve chewed over whether I have asked with a lack of faith or with the wrong motives—that my request is selfish, or outside God’s plans. I’ve tied myself in knots in this way.” Yes! And taking a lesson from my kids, I don’t always give them what they ask for, even when they ask nicely. It’s because I can see the bigger picture. Thanks for sharing from the tough stuff!

  5. I am in a season of waiting. Your words are encouraging. Yes, there are a few things I need to “let go of” in order to move forward!

  6. I recently read about the promises of God being yes and we have to amen them. 1 Corinthians 1:20, I don’t think we are necessarily lacking faith or asking selfishly or even that is it a no, just, ” Not just yet. ” or ” I’m preparing you. ” I lived in Atlanta 35 yrs, I thought moving would be hard but it wasn’t and won’t be now should I move or travel, as long as he is with me. I hope that is something I can amen.

    1. Author

      Wise words, Rebecca. And I was just reading this morning in Mark Batterson’s book how God answers yes, no or “not yet!”

  7. 2 Corinthians 2:20, sorry.

  8. My biggest request is for my daughter to return to God and my other daughter to become stronger in the faith. I’m not convinced that she has returned from her spiritual wanderings, but If she has, she hasn’t let go of Satan’s lies about what scripture says about certain things being right or wrong. And she suffers from depression. I wouldn’t care sbout the depression if she’d just be sold out to God. And I worry that my oldest isn’t really saved because her fruits are not showing otherwise.
    Not to belittle anyone else’s unanswered prayers because whatever they are they are most important to them. But my unanswered prayers have eternal consequences and that is most upsetting.

  9. Rachel, I definitely can feel what it’s like when your not getting the answer you want. Through the tears, pain, depression our son has placed upon us, it has definitely brought me closer to God and has brought our family closer. I’ve also felt God telling me to let go, and trust Him. I haven’t gotten what I have prayed for, but I MUST continue to pray, trust, and know that God is working this out in his time.

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