1. The view from the mountain top is beautiful. I once went skiing in Breckenridge, and attended a conference at Glen Eyrie shortly after I accepted Christ in a Navigator Bible study. (I think we were supposed to go to Keystone, and ended up going to Breckenridge. I went straight to the top of the mountain for my first time skiing. I never learned a sport so fast and so fun! It was exhilarating!)

    1. Author

      Wow. Rolfe, that’s certainly one way to learn how to ski. I hope you had a chance to appreciate the view from the top before you pointed your skis down the mountain. Colorado must be a special place for you. I have not heard of Glen Eyrie but I’ve just googled it and discovered it’s an English Tutor-style castle. How fascinating.

  2. Rachel, how majestic! Thank you for describing this trip and for showing the beauty of His place in the mountains. Restore…just like Jesus did.

  3. I love the point you made about Jesus coming as a helpless baby. It does make God so approachable. The scary barrier between us and God is gone because of Jesus. We’re safe in his presence! Visiting from Susan’s.

  4. I love the way that you weave the pictures of your experience with God-awareness. Although I am living in Australia at the moment, my home is in Calgary, Alberta – right next to the Canadian Rockies. I miss them. Whenever I am in the mountains, I have such a strong sense of God’s majesty and power – and I can’t help but worship Him with a sense of awe and wonder.

    1. Author

      You are a long way from your home in Canada. You must miss it a lot. Thanks for visiting.

  5. Hi Rachel, I always enjoy hearing about your travels. I know I am protected but I have had some things to overcome this past month, He has been faithful. I have a powerful testimony on my blog, a friend asked me to post it, she was home alone when a burglar broke in, because she had prayed and anointed her house wilth oil, he miraculously left. Enjoy your trip, the photos are lovely, a nest place to rest in faith.

  6. Beautiful photos! They look like my Canadian Rocky Mountains as we often explore (via jeep) our majestic mountains here in southern BC, Canada.

    Thank you for the wonderful description of your story (I felt like I was with you except I wasn’t panting with exertion, lol) and the way you weave Scripture into everyday life.

    Visiting you from Salt & Light Link Up.

    1. Author

      Thanks for visiting, Cindy. How fun to often have the opportunity to explore the mountains near you and God’s beautiful creation.

  7. I love when we get to travel along with you.
    This area of Maine is surrounded by hills, and I love the reminder that Psalm 121 gives me to lift my eyes beyond them for my help.

    1. Author

      Michele, I didn’t know you were in Maine! So close to where I used to live – in Massachusetts.

  8. What breath-taking scenery you have captured here. Lately the Lord has been speaking to my heart about immovable mountains and how they are minuscule to Him. The God we serve is mighty and good! Making the impossible possible. Thank you for sharing at Salt & Light Linkup!

    1. Author

      Thank you Natalie, and I love what God has been teaching you recently. We have a wonderful, wise Lord.

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