Create A Prayer Habit

Tim Keller writes that “there is no situation or emotion a human being can experience that is not reflected somewhere in the Psalms.” “Immersing ourselves in the Psalms and turning them into prayers helps us pray in accord with God’s character and will.”

A prayer for when you need victory

Lord, listen to me for I am having trouble with ________________.

Lord, come to my rescue by _____________________.

God, I ask you to ______________________ so all will go well for me.

I bring you my praise _______________________, be pleased with what I bring.

With you I will win victories, and I will celebrate praising your name.

Lord, answer my prayers and save me with your mighty arm.

I trust you with _________________________, Lord God.

With you I will not stumble and fall, but I will be strong and stand firm.

Give me victory, Lord, and answer my prayers.


Based on from Psalm 20 (CEV)

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