Create A Prayer Habit

A prayer for forgiveness

Tim Keller writes that “there is no situation or emotion a human being can experience that is not reflected somewhere in the Psalms.” “Immersing ourselves in the Psalms and turning them into prayers helps us pray in accord with God’s character and will.”

Lord God, by your teachings I am warned; by obeying them, I am greatly rewarded. 

I do not know all my faults, but you do. 

Forgive me when I do wrong knowingly – forgive me for ____________________.

And forgive me when I do wrong without knowing it. 

Thank you that I am forgiven for ___________________________.

Help me not to do wrong on purpose, Lord, or let sin have control over my life. When I am tempted to __________________, show me a way out.

Thank you that because of the cross I am declared innocent and not guilty. I thank you, in particular, for __________________________.

Let my words and my thoughts be pleasing to you, Lord, because you have forgiven me.

In Jesus name.


Based on Psalm 19 (CEV)

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