Create A Prayer Habit

It’s here in your presence, in your sanctuary, where I learn more of your ways. For holiness is revealed in everything you do. Lord, You’re the one and only, the great and glorious God! Psalm 77:13 TPT

Start with:
God, I praise you because you are holy and pure. As I come before you in your throne room, I bow my head in reverence to your glory.

Think about the day ahead. Ask God to meet your needs. 
Heavenly Father, today I need godliness in  _______________________________________.

Pray for one person today who you want to bring into the presence of God. 
Today I pray for: ____________________________________.

Where have you not been coming into God’s presence and seeking his ways? 
Lord, forgive me for: _________________________________.

Show your gratitude to God for allowing you to come freely into his presence. 
Heavenly Father, thank you for ______________________________________.

As you go into your day, or if this is the end of your day, ask God to reveal his holiness to you. 
God, I want to see your pure greatness in  _______________________________________.

Finish with these words:
I pray to you, God, because you will help me. Listen and answer my prayer! Psalm 17:6 CEV

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