Create A Prayer Habit

For God’s Word is something to sing about! He is true to his promises, his word can be trusted, and everything he does is reliable and right. Psalm 33:4 TPT

Start with:
My God, I praise you because I can rely on you to do what is right. I give thanks to you because you are trustworthy and keep all your promises.

Think about the day ahead. Ask God to meet your needs. 
Heavenly Father, you promise to ______________. Today I need your promise to come true in _________________________________.

Pray for one person today who needs to know God is reliable. 
Today I pray for: _________________________________.

Where have you relied on your own strength and not relied on God? 
Lord, forgive me for: _________________________________.

Where has God kept true to his promises in your life? Show your gratitude to God. 
Heavenly Father, thank you for _________________________________.

As you go into your day, or if this is the end of your day, ask God to reassure you. 
God, I need reassurance in _________________________________.

Finish with these words:
I pray to you, God, because you will help me.  Listen and answer my prayer! Psalm 17:6 CEV

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