Create A Prayer Habit

We know the importance and value of prayer. As James 5:16 (NIRV) says:  The prayer of a godly person is powerful. Things happen because of it.

Sometimes, though, we need a little help to find a routine and pray consistently — to make prayer a habit. I want to help you get intentional in your prayer life.

Each day I will provide you with an opportunity to practice prayer — to help you pray naturally. These will be simple, biblically-based prayer prompts with fill-in-the-blanks that you can personalize for yourself and your life.

Here is today’s prayer prompt:

My heart, O God, is quiet and confident, all because of you. Now I can sing my song with passionate praises! Awake, O my soul, with the music of his splendor. Arise, my soul, and sing his praises! I will awaken the dawn with my worship, greeting the daybreak with my songs of light. Psalm 108:1-2 TPT

Start with:
Lord God, I praise you because you give me hope and bring me peace. As the birds sing the dawn chorus, I want to praise you with my voice each morning.

Think about the day ahead. Ask God to meet your needs. 
Heavenly Father, today I need to be confident about: _________________________________

Pray for one person today whose heart is troubled. 
Today I pray for: _________________________________

Where have you not had confidence in God in your life? 
Lord, forgive me for: _________________________________

God says you are more valuable than any of the birds or animals he cares for.  Show your gratitude to God. 
Heavenly Father, thank you for _________________________________

As you go into your day, or if this is the end of your day, ask God to give you more hope in him. 
God, I ask you to fill my heart with confidence regarding _________________________________

Finish with these words:
I pray to you, God, because you will help me.  Listen and answer my prayer! Psalm 17:6 CEV

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