1. Thanks Rachel for sharing Amy’s stories of bold prayer. I love how prayer can transform lives and how God cares deeply for each and every one of us! Thank you Amy for sharing from your heart and going when and where God says “Go!”

    1. Jill,
      My problem is making myself stay home rather than going! 😉 It’s been my great joy to get to go and then share what God is doing around the world.Thanks for reading and taking time to comment today!

  2. I’m joining you in praying bold prayers. Boldly praying for my children’s hope & future, praying for my ministry, praying for my husband’s work situation and praying for the healing of our land. Thanks for the invitation to join you. Happy to be visiting from #raralinkup

    1. Those are great prayers. I know your bold prayers will be a blessing to your family!

  3. Prayer is powerful! You know when you sometimes think that praying doesn’t do any good? I love hearing testimonies because it shows the effects of prayer.

    1. I feel like you, Kelly! Hearing these testimonies of answered prayers built my faith.

  4. Rachel, what encouragement you and Amy give us with such wonderful examples of how God is at work in bold prayers. May we take Him at His Word and come BOLDLY before His Throne of Grace, just like He said. Many blessings to you both!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to encourage, Beth!

  5. Thank you, Amy and Rachel for sharing such encouraging and powerful stories. Like some of the others above, I sometimes get discouraged in prayer, but it is good to have these reminders of God’s love and power.

  6. It takes my breath away to see God answer my bold prayers and those of others! Thanks for sharing this beautiful faith-strengthening testimony! Blessings!

  7. Visiting you for the very first time here from HollyGerth Link up. What drew my attention was the Misson India pictures, since I am an Indian by birth. My parents serve the Lord in North India, and I have seen first hand how Prayer has been an amazing tool for evangelism.

    Thank you ,Amy and Rachel for this wonderful testimony. May the Lord use you more for His kingdom in the coming days.

    Diana – http://dianasdiaries.com

    1. Author

      Thank you Diana, for visiting. How wonderful to read you have seen first hand how prayer has been an amazing tool in your home country. May God continue to use and bless your family as they serve Him.

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