1. Rachel – what a journey you are on and how grateful I am that Dwelling Places has spoken to you along the way. Thank you for this beautiful blog today. And for being my friend….

  2. When I moved from Atlanta to a subdivision, I thought I’d have a problem leaving all I knew behind. That couldn’t have been farther from the truth because Jesus moved with me, even if I left the country too, which takes some imagining, He’s go too. All the really important things are stored in heart with him for safekeeping. I heard once that to dwell meant to settle down and live in, and it’s true. I am still learning to calm down, settle down, in Him. and then you’re able to go where He takes you. God bless you, Rachel.

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      Always love reading your thoughts, Rebecca. You have an amazing faith allowing you to settle down with Jesus.

  3. Home is where the heart is…I know it’s a cliche but cliche’s exist because they are usually true:) I love what the apostle Paul says about learning to being content in whatever situation. I’m understanding why he said “learned.” We learn to trust God as He intervenes in every situation. Sounds like you are getting a grasp on things Rachel based on the thoughts you shared closing out your post. May God grant you peace and contentment in whichever place you call “home”. Have wonderful holiday weekend and blessings to you and yours!

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      Horace, it is a learning process. I’m studying Abraham’s journey this week as I’m writing my devotional coming up next Thursday and I realize Abraham’s journey involved both physical travels and spiritual learning, too, just like ourselves.

  4. I enjoyed dropping by today and your right home isn’t a place, it’s about living with God. As sojourners here maybe if we could keep from becoming so attached to a place, we would be able to move with the Spirit more.

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      Thanks for dropping by Jenny. Learning with you to become more attached to Jesus and our heavenly Father.

  5. This is timely – I’m coming out of a place of staying withdrawn, allowing God to heal what has been so hurt. It is scary to let go, to give it all to God, to open that gate and let go. But I’m finding there’s such peace knowing that He holds me securely. Thank you!
    Stopping by from Suzie Eller’s linkup.

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      Rebekah, Sorry to hear you’re coming out of a hard place but glad to read the valuable lesson you are learning that God holds you tightly.

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      Suzie, we’ve spending our time between the mountains of Colorado and the skyscrapers of New York City. And our furniture is still in storage!

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