1. These are some tough reflect and respond questions. It’s good to be passionate for the right causes, but what we do may not actually help the cause! Great points to ponder, Rachel! Blessed travels!

  2. Well stated Rachel. Being still and showing restraint is often difficult at times. May we show the same humility and restraint that Christ showed as we look to Him for wisdom. Thank you for sharing the video at Ephesus…so cool to see Bible time places. Have a wonderful weekend and may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors!

  3. Rachel, thank you for sharing this. It is so easy to think we see what God wants and to rush ahead when we need to be patient with what He has planned. I find that I so frequently want to take quick control of situations when God is asking me to wait and to trust Him.

    1. Author

      Courtney, thanks for your honesty. Your comment made me smile. We’ve all been there – wanting to take control.

  4. thanks for sharing your thoughts about stillness vs pushing forward.
    Karl Madeiros said recently..”just because it’s truthful we don’t always have to share it unless it’s helpful”

  5. This is a lesson that I’ve been learning lately. You said it so well. So many times, what’s necessary, is that we step back and let God move. I loved this post. Thank you for linking with Grace and Truth last week. I would like to feature this post tomorrow.

  6. Good points we all need to hear! I too, sometimes am that girl that speaks when I should listen or do instead of just being. Thanks for the great reminder!

    1. Author

      It’s funny how we find listening and being so difficult, isn’t it? Because when you think about it, it should be so much easier to do.

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