1. I’m not a traveler either, but I’d like to be. And you are 100% correct, don’t let fear squash dreams. God is in Brussels, Paris, London, everywhere. And especially, because the Holy Spirit is with us. Unless, you receive a specific warning in your spirit, a dream or a word from someone you trust, take your angels and go.

  2. Rachel,
    What great scriptures to read and reflect on in these turbulent times. The suicide bombing in Pakistan was very close to our (Redeemer Christian Foundation, Inc) school there in Lahore. These Christians truly know what it means to be persecuted for their faith…but God does not abandon them. If your readers are tired of feeling helpless and want to DO something…may I invite them to join us in supporting Christian schools that are in this troubled part of the world and hotbed of hatred…www.redeemerchristianfoundation.org. Together we can stand up to hatred with the love of Jesus Christ. Claiming 2 Corinthians 4: 8-9. Thanks Rachel…

    1. Author

      Bev, thank you for sharing your heart and the work you are doing in Pakistan. It is true, so often we feel helpless with all the violence and hatred in the world and not knowing what to do. I hope readers will join in Redeemer Christian Foundation’s work. Even help that seems small to us, God can turn into a huge blessing.

  3. Thanks for this….I love the verse from Isaiah 26:3″ Those who fix there eyes on Him, he will keep in perfect peace”

    Only by His Grace and tucked under His sovereign wing

    1. Author

      Beautiful, Kim. We need to keep those truths about God deeply rooted in our hearts so they hold us strong during the storms.

  4. As much as want, we can’t keep all the bad things at bay and can’t protect our kids from everything. Great encouragement to trust – even with our kids, even with their safety. A hard thing to do, but being deeply rooted in Christ is the place to start.

    1. Author

      Yes, so true Kathryn. When things like this happen it always brings me back to what is the most important things I want my children to know. See more about this in Tuesday’s follow-up post.:-)

  5. Yes, yes, yes! And Amen. This is a message near and dear to my heart! No safety is guaranteed in this life. Yet we as believers has an eternal assurance. Thanks for sharing these words today!

    1. Author

      Thankful with you, Liz, for eternal assurance. At the same time, though, my heart is heavy for those who do not know eternal assurance.

  6. This piece is so important for someone like me — no need for an updated passport, small life and local interests — to read and absorb. God’s heart breaks for the entire world. Being rooted and grounded in Him as a way of life will not only prepare our hearts for tragedy, but it will also give us a greater ability to pray for the concerns that are near to God’s heart.

    1. Author

      I’m so glad you mentioned about prayer, Michele, because it’s important – and I’ll be talking about prayer in my follow-up post on Tuesday.

  7. Thanks for this insight and reminder. We can only trust and pray in these times. (Visiting from #Grace&Truth today.)

  8. It comes down to trust. Do we really believe nothing touches us that the Lord does not allow? And if He allows it, will He bring good from it? Yes, I’ve seen the Lord is gracious and He does bring good even from the struggles. Because I’ve seen it in the past, I can stand on it for the future.

    You are so right – get rooted now, before the storms hit.

    1. Author

      Like you say, Jerralea, it’s good to remember what God has done for us in the past as it helps us trust him in the future.

  9. Such good advice, Rachel. We need those roots, but they take time to grow and plenty of trust to nourish them. Thanks for sharing the wise words- so glad they Lord is faithful!!

  10. These are wise words. We’ll do best to build up that relationship with God, learning to trust him, in the calm times so that we’re prepared for the times when we need to trust Him in a bigger way. I loved how you said it.
    Thank, once again, for linking with Grace and Truth. You are such a valuable member of our community.

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