1. 1 John 2:7-8
    My church is studying 1John. The expectation of my new life can happen every day since I must protect myself from spiritual blindness. The older I get the more I realize how important it is to meditate on the word.
    Jesus is the new standard of light I must strive for.
    My Down syndrome step daughter doesn’t make it easy to be the light when she bully’s me. My choice has been to say “I can’t play with her”. It feels like a roller coaster to be in a relationship with her. The next time she brushes it under the carpet to see if I will respond with connection. I want to protect myself against her. The last six months there has been lots of quarantine and furlough time and the burden has fallen to me to be the primary parent. Now that my husband is furloughed I get a break with him being the primary parent.
    I am reminded by the scripture to be more like Jesus. To be the light I must be more Forgiving and merciful.

    1. Author

      Miriam, I love the wisdom you have gained in realizing the importance of meditating on the Word. And your desire to be more like Jesus is a reminder for all of us. I am glad you are getting a break from being the primary parent. Praying that you will know the riches of God’s blessings each day.

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