Prayer Triggers: Wooden Water Towers

The New York skyline is peppered with wooden water towers on top of buildings. They remind me of my long time friend, Jeremy.


I thought they were forgotten relics, but now they are everyday reminders to pray for family friends.

I hadn’t taken much notice of the water towers before. I thought them a relic of the past. Yet, Jeremy made them stand out.

I met Jeremy when my college friend, Judith, started dating him and eventually married him. Judith and Jeremy came to New York a couple of years ago for a vacation. We lived in Massachusetts at the time. So, my husband and I drove down from Boston to spend some time with them. Jeremy was fascinated by the wooden water towers.



Far from relics, they are a necessity for producing pressure so New Yorkers have water when they turn on the faucet or shower.

We found model kits in a shop in the West Village. Jermey considered buying one, but they were expensive for little pieces of card.

Now I live in New York, I see water towers everywhere, especially from the roof of our building.



Each one reminds me of Jeremy, my friend Judith, and their eldest son Tom, who is my Godson. It is an opportunity to pray for them all.

What everyday sight reminds you of a shared memory with family friends?


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