1. Rachel,
    It’s amazing what is in front of us all the time, but yet we don’t see…..kind of like Creation. I love taking walks on fall days with my dog and one part of our walk is under a wonderful line of trees that turn all shades yellow, gold, flaming orange, and red in the fall. When I see all the different individual leaves making such a glorious burst of color, I am reminded of friends and family and make my walk one of intercessory prayer for them. Great question!
    Bev xx

    1. Author

      Beautiful. Fall leaves remind me of my years of living in New England and my friends there – and to pray for them. I think you’ve captured that prayer trigger for me, Bev.

  2. I love these prayer triggers. I use them too. My daughter works for the post office, so whenever I see a mail box, a truck, etc., I pray for her. My husband is a handyman, so Home Depot or trucks with tools trigger prayer for him.

  3. Those are so neat! I can’t think of any now, but one will most likely pop in my head soon 🙂

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