This August we’re using everyday objects and surroundings to remind us to pray in specific ways. Each week we have a different focus. In week 1 we turned our attention to the natural world and used it as a reminder to praise God. In week 2 we focus on praying for other people — our family, friends, community, and world leaders.


When you hear a child’s laugh or the cry of a baby, let it be a reminder to pray for the children in your life. Pray for someone who wants to have a baby.

Lord, I asked you to give a child to ________________________.
(Based on 1 Samuel 1:27 TLB)

Lord, just as you said: “Let the children come to me,” and You blessed them, I bring ________________________ to you for Your blessing, protection and ________________________.
(Based on Luke 18:16 CJB)


When you see a church or enter your church, remember to pray for those in leadership. Be an encouragement to them. Tell them you are praying for them.

Lord, I pray for ________________________. Help them have a clear conscience and no doubts about the work they are doing for You. When it is hard going, remind me to pray and encourage them. Help ________________________ to live well before you.
(Based on Hebrews 13:18 MSG)


When you see a city tower, let it be a reminder to pray for those in your community, especially those who do not know Jesus.

God, help me to be strong and courageous! I want to fight hard for the people of _________________ and for the city/town of ____________________. May your will be done!
(Based on 2 Samuel 10:12 GNT)


When you see a flag, let it be a reminder to pray for those who lead your country, or for the government of a country you are visiting.

Today I pray especially for rulers and their governments in ______________________. Help them to rule well so we can go quietly about our business of living simply, in humble contemplation. This is the way you want us to live.
(Based on 1 Timothy 2:2 MSG)

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