1. Thank you for this, Rachel! I’ve been working (or, maybe, I’ve been trying to be working) on being more grateful lately, ever since I learned in an armor of God Bible study that thankfulness activates the shoes of peace. Thank you for this reminder to keep on keeping on with that! The quiet, tree-lined country road where I take my morning walks reminds me to be grateful! Stopping by from #Salt&Light.

    1. Author

      Thanks, Elizabeth. I love that thought – that being thankful activates the shoes of peace. Amen.

  2. Having God speak to me in more ways than one just when I need Him the most is incredible besides soooooo many simple lil pleasures in everyday things which has even driven me to write a weekly column is to be more than thankful for

  3. What a fun hike — and thanks for the challenge, because I need to be more intentional about letting the little daily blessings send me into immediate prayer and purposeful thanksgiving.

    1. Author

      As I wrote this I realized myself I need to be more intentional too, Michelle. Little popcorn prayers have great value.

  4. Hi, Rachel! I love how the grandeur of the mountains becomes a trigger to be thankful for small things! Have a great weekend!

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