Prayer Triggers: Thankful for the little things

The mountains of Colorado remind me of simple pleasures, the beauty of God’s creation and, most of all, enjoyable moments with my husband and three children. Nothing grand, just activities that help us forget about the day-to-day stresses of life.

Conversations as we hike (Although, we don’t talk for long because every breath is valuable when you’re scrambling up rocks at altitude!)

Mountains remind me to be thankful for the little things.

Attempting to build a fire without matches. Satisfaction in collecting a few twigs as tinder. Excitement in realizing we could make fire using the lens of my husband’s glasses. Directing the sunlight through the lens until it made a bright pinpoint on a leaf, and waiting patiently. We cheered as smoke rose, but it would have helped if the sun hadn’t gone behind the clouds.

Creating fire is not easy, but making memories takes no effort at all. So, mountains remind me to be thankful in prayer for the little things in life.


What things in your life trigger a prayer of thankfulness?

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