Prayer Triggers: Sail Boats

I met my friend in London. She walked into the design studio of the Independent Magazine where I worked. I thought she was just a loud American. Funny thing is, now I’ve lived in the USA, and she has been in the UK, she sounds so English to me.

Sail boats are the trigger that reminds me to pray for a special friend.

We became firm friends and discovered we both had a love for boats, in particular boats with sails. So, we bought a sailboat together—a Laser Fun. And it was fun, too, although a little bit tippy. Neither of us liked getting wet.

Most weekends in the summer we would drive to the reservoir where we kept our sailing dinghy. We’d drag it down to the water’s edge and then tack across the lake with the wind in our sails. We sold our boat when I moved to America.

Every year, though, when we exchange birthday cards they invariably have a nautical feel.When I see a boat, in particular a sailboat, I am reminded to pray for my good friend in England. What do you notice that triggers you to pray for a good friend?

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