1. Rachel,I love the fact that God and I have a special place in my home where I love to commune with God It allows me to really focus on not only what is in my heart but I seek to hear from Him as well. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing from God and being willing to obey His will. I love reading your thoughts on prayer. May we always make prayer a priority in our lives. Have a wonderful weekend Rachel and may God continue to richly bless you and yours.

    1. Author

      Horace, yes there is nothing more wonderful than hearing from God, and being willing to be obedient to Him. God bless you in your special place in your home.

  2. I even put a board on Pinterest, we all need that prayer closet or secret place. It can be inside or outside or that secret place in our mind and heart. Sometimes, during the day, I have to zone out into prayer, I doubt if anyone notice. I also think your bedroom should be a sanctuary of solace and rest. It is a place of marital intimacy and should be one of spiritual intimacy as well. I found praying at my mother’s bedside powerful, I can pray in my room, but hers really is a secret place. She must really have a powerful prayer life.

    1. Author

      Wow, Rebecca. Thank you for sharing such powerful words about our sanctuaries and secret places with God.

  3. Rachel, this is so good! I have a chair in my office and I go to bed looking forward to meeting God there in the morning. There’s nothing special about it, but it is my secret place and space. Thank you for faithfully and practically encouraging us in our prayer life! Blessings! Shauna

    1. Author

      Shauna, that’s a wonderful way to end your day – looking forward to spending time with God in the morning in your special chair.

  4. This was such a needed reminder today, Rachel…to keep going to that place that He is. I know it, this truth, just like you mentioned we all really do, but it is the habit of making the ordinary extraordinary by spending time there with God.
    I am a runner and counting steps with Jesus has long been that sacred getaway that helped me deal with life all around me. It was enough to just get out and move and let my mind wander and ultimately my prayers be focused and less about me and more about the things He was laying on my heart.
    Loved this!

    1. Author

      Dawn, I love that term “a sacred getaway” because that’s exactly what it is. So good to read about how you your running prayer time.

  5. Something for me to think about, since we were out of school last week! 🙂

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