The New England Evangelical Women Speakers Directory 2014-15 has been published.

Read my story Across the Pond published in the 2014 Summer Sampler of by design ministries.

Here is a snippet:

londond skyline

Our plans were coming together. After twelve months of house hunting, my husband and I signed the papers on a delightful Edwardian house in a desirable London neighborhood, famous for being home to Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher and for its good schools. Having worked hard to climb the career ladder of the BBC, I saw the opportunity to take a break and start a family. With a baby on the way and the keys to our new home in hand, we were ready to settle into the neighborhood for the next ten years.

Robert Burns wrote in “To a Mouse”: “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

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(Photo: Phoebe Britton)


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