1. So true, Rachel. Why do people not have common courtesy anymore. Like unexpected visitors, they could call, or the ones that never show and there you sit waiting.

  2. I’ve done this several times to my husband. He would ask me to shoot him a txt when I arrived somewhere and I would forget. He would always extend grace … but the first time he did this to me it was like the end of the world. I can be so selfish and self centered and not so graceful. I have prayed and submitted this to the Lord. He has shown me in my heart is perfectionism and I am unable at any time to show grace when I have an idol in my heart. Ouch! Yes ouch, but I am very very thankful that He shows me what’s not of Him, gives me the gift of repentance and grace, and strengthens me and allows me to turn from my ways and turn to Him through His strength. Then and only then can I extend that grace to my husband. Thank you Lord that You never give up on us! Thank You that what I see in others is either in me or has been in me at some point. Lord You are so merciful. Strengthen me to be more like You! In Jesus precious name Amen!

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