How is your summer going?


This morning I was reading Max Lucado’s email devotional that arrives daily in my inbox. In it, he says: Prayer is a habit worth having. Don’t prepare to pray. Just pray. Don’t read about prayer. Just pray. Don’t attend a lecture on prayer or engage in discussion about prayer. Just pray.

I wanted to say: YES, Max, I agree.

The best way we can learn about prayer and master how to pray so that it becomes a healthy habit in our lives, is to do prayer.

Practice prayer.

This summer, my daughter, back from college, has been joining me for my morning Prayer Zone Workouts. We walk, talk and in the silence, we pray.

During the month of August, I encourage you to do prayer. Why not grab a friend, and go for a walk together? Talk with your friend, but when both of you are silent don’t be tempted to fill the gaps with more conversation. Spend those moments in individual and silent prayer with your heavenly Father.

I would love to know how you get on. Let me know.

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  • I love your challenge to grab a friend! One of my closest friendships was developed exactly this way: running and praying together several mornings a week. She and her husband actually bought the very first house my husband ever built, and God used running to knit our hearts together in Christ. We still run and pray together, nine years later. Many praises and petitions have been voiced and and spiritual battles waged as we’ve pounded the gates of heaven and the pavement at the same time. Keep sharing the message God’s put on your heart for us! Blessings!

    • Shauna. Wow! I loved reading about your experience, and how you are able to form a friendship, a closer relationship with God, and get physical fit all at the same time. Thanks for sharing and encouraging.

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