1. Hi Rachel, I did get to the blog after all. I see your point. Are you a potholder or a portrait? I am working on December as a Season of Rest, but I decided to define words from the Bible that we tend to gloss over. That’s a New Year ‘s plan. Workmanship is a good one. What a nice gift you received. And you’re right we cost Jesus everything.

    1. Author

      Rebecca, I hope you enjoy your December season of rest. I am sure God will speak to you in many ways through the words you look at from the Bible. Enjoy.

  2. Oh, what a perfect illustration of God at work in a life. It resonates for me right now, as I’m visiting the potter’s house with Jeremiah and reading and re-reading the words about starting over and God fashioning faithful followers out of miry clay.
    Thank you, Rachel, for lovely and always challenging words.

    1. Author

      Fashioning faithful followers out of miry clay. I love that Michele. It speaks of our God doing amazing things with us if we will let him.

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