Christmas gift-giving can be delightful, dreadful, or an embarrassing experience.

I remember turning up at a women’s leadership Christmas luncheon and all the other leaders had brought something to hand out—home-cooked loaves, hand-made candy and hand-painted salt and pepper shakers. Everyone … except me. I didn’t realize it was the thing to do.

I felt bad because I couldn’t reciprocate.

God’s actions are the ultimate example of perfect giving. His gift for you and me came to earth wrapped in a bundle—a baby named Jesus—and labeled grace.

With real present giving, however, we shouldn’t feel we have to repay the giver, or that we don’t deserve what we’ve been given.

A true gift is one where you don’t have to respond in kind or expect anything in return. It can be freely accepted.

And that’s what I like about God’s gift, the one we celebrate at Christmas.

God’s actions are the ultimate example of perfect giving.

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God. Ephesians 2:8 (NIV)

God’s gift for you and me came to earth wrapped in a bundle—a baby named Jesus—and labeled grace.

God sent Jesus as an offering—one who would take our place and receive the punishment we deserved so we can stand freely before God.

We have done nothing to deserve this gift of life. We should instead be paying a penalty.

Yet, we only need to believe to accept what God offers.

Throughout the season and New Year, remember God’s gift of grace, through Jesus, is enough for you. You don’t have to work hard to achieve God’s favor.

God’s gift is sufficient for the year ahead. When you’ve messed up one too many times, God’s grace covers all your failures.

God’s grace doesn’t just save you; it sustains you. You can rely on God’s grace for whatever you face this year. Not as an excuse or a prop, but to give you strength.

Heavenly Father
Thank you for reaching down
from heaven and
giving us
the Christmas gift
of your Son, Jesus.
The gift that shows
Your kindness and grace.
I unwrap it with joy
And place it in my heart
So your grace
sustains me
for every situation
in the year ahead.

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  • Yes … a true gift is one that does not require reciprocation … It’s hard not to reciprocate. As I type this, I have a small stack of Christmas cards that I received in the mail yesterday. Do I go to my stack of unused cards and send one out real quick? Maybe a brief text of thanks is sufficient. Merry Christmas, Rachel!

  • Gift giving is NOT my love language. I would have shows up empty handed, just like you! God’s grace for whatever you face! Amen! Merry Christmas!

  • I love this Rachel. I could totally relate to your story of gift-giving. I’ve never been good at giving gifts. I struggle with knowing what to give, and the whole process makes me feel awkward. I’m holding on to this truth you share here today. The best gift is the one we don’t have to reciprocate! Merry Christmas:)

  • May our hearts respond to the gift as you have prayed — receiving with joy the gift that is offered, knowing that it is a gift beyond price and offered to us because of the great heart of the Giver — not because we’ve done anything to merit it!

  • When I was in 7th grade I bought inexpensive jewelry boxes for friends, I was short one because, a girl’s sister showed up. I apologized quickly, saying that I’must have left her gift at home. I know it was a lie, but one of those God will understand. I went to the store and got one more and she wasn’t left out. Your post reminded me of that. God doesn’t have to apologize and Jesus doesn’t ever have to go back to the cross. He freely gives and so should we, He’s the best gift ever. Merry Christmas.

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